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Charles Kevin Townsend, Jr.

Seasoned professional with a background in Science and Business Development.  Currently seeking opportunities to use my existing skills while transitioning into Human Resources


My Core Values

My Resume
My Resume


Always be truthful and forthcoming, regardless of personal consequences

The truth is often more painful, but pain leads to growth


Never let the world change and move on without you

Stay abreast of new ideas that can improve your processes


Always keep an eye open to finding new ways to accomplish the same work more efficiently

Work smart, not hard, whenever possible


Always make fostering a sense of safety and belonging a priority

All voices from all people are all valid all of the time

My Resume

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My Resume

Business Development

I grow business reel gud

My Resume

Sales Enablement

I help make sales people real gud at sellin’ stuffz, give dem gud tools

My Resume


I’ve run the numbers and determined I am amazing

My Resume

My Resume

April 2021


Sales Development Representative II

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Sales Development Representative & Sales Enablement

  • Develop and expand business opportunities in the New Jersey, Arizona and Ohio marketplaces for managed services, professional services and business partnerships. Added over $350,000 of ARR in the first 6 months.
  • Demonstrate a high degree of understanding relating to IT, the relationship between IT and compliance for healthcare practices, and changes to the market around HIPAA regulations
  • Maintain thought leadership through trainings, networking events, and sales summits from different specialists
  • Assisted in the training and onboarding of new associates to the inside sales team, including training on sales skills

March 2020

June 2018


Business Development Manager & Systems Associate

  • Manage the largest market in Earl Dudley’s service territory in all categories of business development, sales, customer relations, and prospecting, and lead the market to its best year in recent history
  • Demonstrate the latest advancements in precision measurement technology (3D laser scanning, GPS, robotics, UAV) to potential clients and train/consult new clients on the use of their newly acquired technology
  • Maintain thought leadership by presenting at conferences, and attending trade shows and training regularly
  • Led the Georgia Market to its best performance in years by closing several large $30,000 and above deals with new accounts

My Education